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why we do it

Why We Do It?

We are story-tellers and we believe more immersive stories are better stories. We also believe in telling the right stories. More information, more focus, kinesthetic memory, physical depth are all factors that we employ towards our mission.

We tell stories about companies, products, processes or events and we tell them to the general public, employees or decision makers.

We achieve our goals by developing bespoke Virtual Reality apps across all mediums, including web, mobile & PC.

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Our Work

We build VR Experiences both large and small,

We've worked on Architectural/Product Visualizations, E-commerce, Fashion, Brand showcase and Entertainment.

extended portfolio

Architectural Interactive Configurator

One of our many architectural interactive tours with custom UX designed for first time users.

Beko Slowjuicer VR Experience

Developed for Bright Digital Agency to promote Beko's premium line product, deployed at IMWorld Bucharest 2017.

360 Product Explainer Video

Developed for Bidgely's PR campaign deployed to their main partners with Cardboard headsets.

Dacia Duster VR - Multiuser experience

VR experience for Renault Group as part of internal communication campaign.

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Our Clients

Generally we've worked with most of our clients through a host of partners, be it Digital Agencies or CGI studios. We've also worked for a long list of real-estate developers.

Currently our focus is on broadening our local reach and establishing long term partnerships.

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They used to say there are no Experts in the field of VR and that was true...a couple of years ago. We've been at it for long enough through dozens of projects on all major distribution platforms.

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Call @ +40 745 797 715
Bucharest, Romania
Calusei Street, no. 9, 2nd Floor

Here's some more information about us.

Who We Are

We are a startup founded by George Cretu in 2016. Prior to this, George worked as a freelancer and consultant in the broader CG field for over 9 years on over 100 projects spanning clients across most continents.
The team has grown from just George to a 5 people squad and it is built around covering all aspects of VR app development with a particular focus on UE4 as a deployment platform. We focus on UX & Design as primary differentiators from other VR startups. Also, our past experience with many fast paced projects translated into highly iterative work systems that we employ throughout.

Architecture and Design

Both the founder and several team members are licensed Architects, having graduated from UAUIM, Bucharest. We love architecture and we love design. We also love BIM and Parametric systems. This is why handling architecture related projects comes naturally to us.

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We're Hiring!

We're constantly looking to expand our team, even if on a remote basis to start with. If you think you're a match also check the link bellow to see a list of books George Cretu stands by, with his personal reviews. These will tell you quite a bit about our work culture.