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Benefits of VR training

Virtual Reality training is the closest thing to one-to-one coaching in terms of effectiveness, while being scalable like any digital product

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Literally, the information is better instilled as VR offers a rich context, spatialized and kinetic information - all leading to better memorization.

Cost Effective

VR is significantly cheaper than expensive on-site training sessions with certified coaches. You don't need to block equipment or resources.

Analytics Driven

In VR you can track any aspect of the user's behavior. You can aggregate and pass it along to trainers so they spend their time wisely.


Check out a selection of our works. Videos translate only half of the experience, we strongly ecourage you to schedule a live test or experience VR at an arcade near you.

Hard Skills Training

Developed for a US training provider, we created highly complex Manway covers scenarios.

Beko Slow Juicer

One of our first VR product showcase experience, demoed at IMWorld 2018.

Soft Skills Training Demo

We have in-deployment projects for Societe Generale EBS and Orange Romania. See A short compilation of soft skills training demos outside NDA agreements.

Multiuser VR - Renault

We've built a multiuser VR car inspector for Renault Romania. Two users can interact within the same space on the same vehicle.

VR Features

We build custom apps to match your design intent and context. Here's a list of features we typically employ on our projects.

Real Time 3D

3D models, not 360 photos, in real-time. Move through the VR space, physically interact with items. Experience true immersion.

Custom Interactions and UI

We are not just artists but coders too. We build our UX and interactions to match your story and context. No templates. No limitations.

Analytics Integration

We can track any aspect of a user's behavior, aggregate that info and then pass it along to L&D or trainers to make better use of their time.

We have the Pedagogy

We deployed dozens of VR experiences. We know what works and what doesn't. We collaborate with L&D to fine tune our approach.

Web, Mobile and/or PC VR

VR can be delivered to many platforms in various formats. Each has it's own advantages and limitations. We deploy to all of them.

Multi-user Setups

VR doesn't have to be an isolating experience. Sometimes it makes sense to have multiple users experience the same space together.

The Process

We understand how Enterprises operate and we understand how Virtual Reality typically doesn't have a defined space or framework at this time. We don't sell a product so our approach will differ on a partner basis.

Virtual Reality is essentially a new information display platform. You can use it for just about anything, but not everything will make sense to be experienced via VR.

Something we see happening with Enterprise clients is that they go with VR for the WOW factor only, checking a box in the innovation department. The WOW factor is important and applied to certain use cases it makes tactical sense to rely on it, but we're actively seeking out to add value with our VR solutions.

The key distinction, that is one of the main cost differentiator, is whether the Enterprise wants an MVP (proof of concept) or a full fledge Enterprise-grade solution.

Another important differentiator is the distribution platform. We offer VR and AR solutions for just about all mediums, from web to mobile to PC based.

Finally, we determine the level of interactivity complexity and content volume. There are many scenarios where just one feature can 2X the cost, as well as scenarios where the content can be the main cost driver.

Depending on the level of commitment from our client, we can handle 100% of all the production, given a set of clearly stated references and/or inputs

Typically, for Enterprise-Grade projects as well as when the client is experimenting, we establish a close collaboration with certain actors from the client's side.

We've found that it's paramount to identify all the key stakeholders, responsible for input materials and/or for review feedback. And it's important to identify them early on to ensure our approach is clearly communicated to all parties and that the project's timeline is respected.

Our experience taught us that VR is extremely hard to grasp by assesing it outside a VR headset. VR is a sensorial experience and, without significant exposure to the medium, it's difficult to assess the UX or the way the content is imparted.

So we work in an agile way, shipping early iterations which are testable in VR, both for us and for the client to get a better understanding of the dynamics of the product.

At this stage we add all the materials and lighting scenarios

Here is also where we would ask for feedback on the looks of the space to keep aligned with the design intent. Typically non essentaial, aesthetic changes are being made at this stage.

Depending on the resources of the client we'll can send either a fully functioning VR app for testing or 360 images or videos along with screenshots and/or renders.

Depending on the platform and project scope we'll propose one UX interaction or another.

With VR there is no strong industry standard, with some small exceptions. Fortunately we've worked on dozens of VR projects including outside the field of Architectural Visualization so we have an extensive experience of what works and what doesn't.

Here is another place where knowing the context matters. If you know you'll have a person guiding users through the experience gives you freedom to aproach more complex functionalities whereas a VR experience targeting unattended, potentially first time users, should be limited to very straight forward, simple and intuitive interactions.

Our Team

Your project will be handled exclusively in-house by a team that only does VR development. We're a mixed group, tackling all production aspects from 3D modeling to Code to UX/UI.

George Cretu
Founder, Lead Technical Artist
Alexandru Apostol
Sr. UE4 Developer
Florin Necula
Sr. 3D Artist
Theodor Sechesan
3D Artist
Casandra Cretu
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Robert Petria
UE4 Developer


A significant part of our work is either in early stages of development or white labeled and as such is not showcased on the website.

If you feel the kind of projects you're interested in are not well represented in our portfolio we encourage you to reach out for more details.

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