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VR & AR beyond entertainment

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We are a boutique development studio with a focus on immersion. When fully immersed, people are fully attentive to your message and they memorize information much better.

Architectural Immersive Tours

We develop custom experiences for any platform.
PC VR, Mobile VR or Web VR.

Marketing VR and AR apps

Showcase a product, your company, tell a story or promote a campaign.

Enterprise VR App Development

Hard or Soft skills training, simulations or data visualization, linked with your database.


Check out a selection of our works. Videos translate only half of the experience, we strongly ecourage you to schedule a live test or experience VR at an arcade near you.

Banca Transilvania HQ

The leading Romanian Commercial Bank invited us to create an interactive tour for their annual internal event.

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Hard Skills Training

Developed for a US training provider, we created highly complex Manway covers scenarios.

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Beko Slow Juicer

One of our first VR product showcase experience, demoed at IMWorld 2018.

[marketing VR & AR apps] see all >

Soft Skills Training Demo

A short compilation of soft skills training demos outside NDA agreements.

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HighRise Unit

Originally built for Scandinavian market, developed to highlight the panoramic views of the future development location.

[architectural VR tours] see all >

Coca Cola Fii Tu Mosul

One of several VR/AR apps we built for Coke.

[marketing VR & AR apps] see all >

VR Features

We build custom apps to match your design intent and context. Here's a list of features we typically employ on our projects.

Real Time 3D

3D models, not photos, in real-time. Move through the VR space, look under the table and over the window. Experience true stereo depth.

Custom Interactions and UI

We are not just artists but coders too. We build our UX and interactions to match your story and audience. No templates. No limitations.

Analytics Integration

Do you plan to demo the VR experience to a large number of people. Or perhaps you want to test design scenarios. We can track anything in VR.

From CAD/BIM or from Plans

We are architects and 3D artists. We work from what you can offer, 2D plans or 3D models or just plain references.

Web, Mobile and/or PC VR

VR can be delivered to many platforms in various formats. Each has it's own advantages and limitations. We deploy to all of them.

Multi-user Setups

VR doesn't have to be an isolating experience. Sometimes it makes sense to have multiple users experience the same space together.

Our Team

Your project will be handled exclusively in-house by a team that only does VR development. We're a mixed group, tackling all production aspects from 3D modeling to Code to UX/UI.

George Cretu
Founder, Lead Technical Artist
Alexandru Apostol
Sr. UE4 Developer
Florin Necula
Sr. 3D Artist
Theodor Sechesan
3D Artist
Casandra Cretu
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Robert Petria
UE4 Developer


A significant part of our work is either in early stages of development or white labeled and as such is not showcased on the website.

If you feel the kind of projects you're interested in are not well represented in our portfolio we encourage you to reach out for more details.

Bellow are some of the clients we had the opportunity to work with.

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